RP Female Physique Training Templates

The new Female Physique Training Templates have multiple features which make them a great investment if you're already working hard and want to take your training to the next level. Here are a few:

- Customized selection of training days, allowing you to purchase a template that programs anywhere between 2 and 6 training days per week.

- Further pre-purchase customization of loading units (whether you train in pounds or kilos), developmental age (less or more than 5 years of hard training under your belt) and body weight. The latter two factors determine several design characteristics of the template you receive, as heavier and more advanced lifters need more recovery time between overloading sessions than lighter and less experienced lifters.

- Each template comes with 19 total weeks of training split up into 4 distinct mesocycles. The first three mesocycles (each composed of 4 weeks of accumulation training and one week of deload training) are sequentially oriented by overload magnitude. The first mesocycle programs normal, moderate-volume training to elicit a hypertrophic response. The second mesocycle programs higher volume training so that hypertrophy can still occur for 5 more weeks. The third mesocycle programs ultra-high volume training with intentionally short rest breaks so that metabolite-mediated growth pathways can be activated and still more muscle can be gained.

- After 3 mesocycles (15 weeks) of progressively more overloading training, a fourth, 4-week long mesocycle (3 accumulation weeks, one deload week) is prescribed. This mesocycle is characterized by markedly heavier weights than all preceding cycles and lower set numbers so that total volume is low. The low volume conditions allow the lifter's physiology to re-sensitize for future muscle growth (having been desensitized after 15 weeks of constant growth stimulus), while the heavier loading allows for a maximum of adaptations to be preserved and muscle to be saved. After this fourth cycle, the first mesocycle can be repeated, then the second, and so on.

- The process of repetition of cycles can occur for at least a year (for lifters just under the 5 year experience mark upon purchase), often several years (for those with a year or two of lifting experience upon purchase), or indefinitely (for those with more than 5 years experience).

- Workout ratings that feed into an auto-regulation formula. If the workouts are overly stimulative and recovery is compromised, accurate ratings of each exercise by the user will result in a volume reduction for that muscle group in the next half-week, and continuously if recovery keeps being a problem. If the workouts are not stimulative enough, accurate ratings typed into the spreadsheet will increase workout volumes as soon as 2-3 days later, and volumes will continue to increase if user ratings indicate a lack of stimulus.

- As a result of proper use, the auto-regulation formula will bring the template user to their approximate MRV (maximal recoverable volume) and thus program training at the most effective dose; not too much and not too little to make the best gains.

- Because the auto-regulation formula takes into account all sources of fatigue (even those caused outside of the training programmed by the templates), these templates can be used to intelligently supplement endurance, fitness, or CrossFit training, and make you more muscular for all of those pursuits. If the combination of multiple types of training is too fatiguing, the auto-regulation formula will lower the physique template's total volume so that it minimally interferes with your development in your other fitness involvements.

- Multiple exercise variations for every muscle group are programmed in selectorized drop-down menus. All you have to do is pick your favorite exercises for each muscle group, pick your approximate 10RM in each exercise, and the entire month's workout is generated for you. Then all you do is watch the custom technique tutorial videos that pop up with each exercise you've selected, rate your workouts in the auto-regulation tracker (built right in) and that's as complicated as it gets. By picking different exercises each mesocycle, you keep variation high and promote both faster muscle growth, better overall muscular development, and less exercise staleness and boredom.

- Female Physique Template training is optimized for both putting on muscle (when in a caloric surplus) and helping you lose fat while saving your muscle (in a caloric deficit), and they go hand in hand with almost every cardio or conditioning program.

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