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Derek Wilcox | PhD

Derek Wilcox | PhD

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Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Golf Fitness Instructor


  • BA at Appalachian State University
  • MA in Kinesiology and Sport Studies East at Tennessee State University
  • PhD in Sport Physiology and Performance at East Tennessee State University

Training and Athletic Experience

  • Began Resistance Training in 2001
  • Began Competing in Strength Athletics in 2005
  • Competition Experience in Olympic lifting and Strongman
  • Class A Highland Games Athlete
  • Elite Totals in 165, 181 198 220 classes (only classes ever entered)
  • Pro Totals in 181 198 220 classes
  • All-time World Record Squat 935lbs @ 181
  • The smallest person to ever squat 1,000lbs (194lbs)
  • Top 10 All-Time total
    • Total @ 181

Best Competition Lifts

  • Squat 1050lbs
  • Bench 560lbs
  • Deadlift 725lbs

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About me - Live in Stanley NC. After retiring from powerlifting I've competed in jiu-jitsu and disc golf. I play normal golf, lift weights of course, and may jump back in the highland games again. I have two dogs, Freya and Kvasir.

Why did you start coaching? Combining my passion for fitness and strength with helping improve people's quality of life

What is your coaching style? I practically beg clients to ask questions about the process. I love the back and forth with my clients. The more informed and confident you are in what you're doing the easier it is to stay motivated and consistent.

What kinds of clients do you work with? I've worked with everyone from children to world-class athletes to the elderly just trying to get off the couch better. I love it all!

What is your favorite part of coaching? When clients participate, learn, and eventually become self-sustaining with the tools I helped give them for a better life through nutrition and fitness.

What type of client would be the best fit to work with you? Literally, anyone who has goals to achieve. I love every journey regardless of how big or small.


What you'll get: 

Choose from plans structured by an RP coach, each tailored to achieve your specific needs and backed by science. Whether you opt for a diet plan, a training plan, or a combination of both, you'll receive 1:1 expert guidance from your coach via email exchange with very little left to chance.

  • Diet Plan: Focus on your nutritional goals with a customized diet plan. Your coach will help you dial in your macros, whether you aim to lose fat or gain muscle. Full meal plans/recipes will not be provided but you will receive guidance on the proper amount of protein, carbs, and fats to consume daily with a list of recommended foods!
  • Training Plan: Focused solely on weight training with a plan designed to fit your fitness level and goals. Please check with our help desk if you have sport-specific training goals.
  • Combo Plan: Get the best of both worlds with a plan that integrates diet and training for comprehensive progress.

With all plans, you are expected to proactively check in with your coach twice a week with updates and questions. It's important to note that the coach will respond to your updates rather than initiate contact on their end. Your coach will monitor your weekly progress through these check-ins and make any necessary adjustments for you based on your feedback.

You'll have unlimited email access to your coach, ensuring you get timely responses to your queries: within 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends (May vary based on the coach's schedule). Your feedback and questions are necessary for your coach to make the most informed decisions on your behalf for your plan so do not be shy about contacting them for help!

Please contact our help desk or refer to our FAQ below if you have any further questions about our services!

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Thank you all so much for developing this! It has changed my life! ♥️

Kellye M
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Thank you RP!! You are changing me and a TON of other people!

Kerri Specht
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Christina Sardella
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RP diet templates are the only diet that I recommend to all my clients...

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Dominique Lalrinzuala
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This process has been amazing and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings! Cheers to maintenance ❤️🥂

Alycia Gale
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I started noticing a huge performance increase at the gym, I had a ton of energy and I felt great.

Randy Thompson
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The RP community is so strong and growing exponentially and I strongly believe it has nothing to do with great marketing, but just good ole fashion results.

Chris Duncan
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For the first time in my life I feel healthy, energetic, and not self-deprived.

Steph Mills
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With my plan’s simplicity and gradual nature, I was never overly burdened mentally or physically and in the final week I felt as good as I ever have.

Jordan McGillis
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Brittany Ibarra

I am so grateful to have found RP! It has truly taught me how to fuel my body and I am so proud of myself for sticking with these 12 weeks! For the first time in my life, I have visible abs! Thanks RP!!!

Brittany Ibarra
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RP has helped my performance exponentially.

Mattie Rogers
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Hoping to inspire a mom or two... [RP] works if you stick to the plan...

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It pushed me beyond what I thought I could do. The diet was laid out perfectly and easy to follow along.

Nick Benekos
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This has been the hardest thing I've ever done. I am thrilled with the outcome (: Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. <3

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I was able to eat within my prescribed plan and satisfy my hunger--all without an ounce of guilt.

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