Transformation Contest Winners 2019

We're excited to see all of the incredible stories that come with the challenge and are super happy to help transform people's lives through fitness! Here are our top 3 female and top 3 male winners:

Dominique Lalrinzuala

I have been very curious about RP for some time now. My daughter went off to college in August 2018 and I said It's time to do something for me (I'm 41, btw)! No children in the home, what will I do with myself! So I signed up for newsletters, start receiving great material on products, training, carb intake, and protein requirements (just to name a few). In November I received an email with a sale on products, and I thought now is the time. I took the plunge! I chatted with a rep before my purchased told the person I was looking to purchase and if I did, can I use the templates in the next 30 days (turn of the new year). The person assured me that would be fine as long as I gave myself time between whatever I was already doing.

I purchased the Female Physique Templates, and the RP Diet Template (FL w/maintenance plan). I received a warm welcome email, my order receipt and an invite to the FB group! I immediately went on to the group, joined and saw there would be this challenge starting on the 7th! I thought, how many more signs do you need; this is your time! SO my journey began on base (I followed how to calculate where I should be), throughout the 12 wks, I also purchased R-feast, R-kitchen by Lori, which helped my prepping go super smooth. I followed my macros from my diet templates to a tee! I have use a few recipes and LOVE them!

I lost 6.6lbs (on Base!)! I've always wanted abs, 3 inches off my waist! 1 in. off my hips and thighs! And gained 0.5 inches on my biceps( I'll take that)! I absolutely fell in love with my physique template, the 12 weeks flew by, I was so excited to get to the next day, and week that time flew by; before I knew was time to submit my after photos. I'm so happy with what RP has help me accomplish, my goal was to have abs; and I did it with your help. When my husband took my after pictures,he was in disbelief. He has since started to change his nutrition (eating exactly what I eat), saying my wife can't have abs and not me! LOL! I took a picture this morning, I honestly feel I look better than my submitted picture, my abs popping! This week I'm deloading, and then on to maintenance! This journey has been great, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

We're excited to see all of the incredible stories that come with the challenge and are super happy to help transform people's lives through fitness!

Chris Duncan 

I was on the RP Diet Templates (Original) Fat Loss (with maintenance plan). I started at 199 lbs and finished at 177 lbs, losing 22 lbs total. I've been somewhat physically active my entire life but the one component that was always missing in my journey of fitness was my nutrition.  I heard it throughout my life, and my college career but I never bought into it. 

After about a month into RP I instantly realized how much better I felt at the gym.  My metabolic conditioning was getting better every single day, my strength has stayed consistent if not stronger during the entire process, and my mono-structural cardio has improved tremendously.  That first month lit a fuse for me.  My priority shifted from aesthetics, to performance.  All I wanted to do was stick to my template as strict as possible to see where it could take me performance wise, the leaning out process was just an extremely added bonus. 

I have never felt better and I no longer look at food the same way as I did before I started. Food is fuel, and your body needs the right kind to operate at its max capacity.  You can never outwork a bad diet, and this has never been more clear to me.  I CAN NOT thank RP enough for this program.  The RP community is so strong and growing exponentially and I strongly believe it has nothing to do with great marketing, but just good ole fashion results.  They speak for themselves.  If you're willingly to put in the work, 3 months can change your life, and maybe even those around you.  I can't count the number of people who have come up to me, or messaged me asking what I've done or how they can start. Helping others start and plan out their RP fitness journey has been one of the best bonuses of the entire program.  People are motivated, inspired, and ready to change their life.  You can't beat that. Thank you RP.

Amanda Perkins

There is a story behind these before & after images...but here are the highlights from my experience:

  • RP diet template 
  • 12 week focused effort
  • Trust the process
  • 146 lbs -> 131 lbs
  • Maintained strength and energy levels with gradual fat loss
  • Learned how to eat a more balanced diet (yay! Carbs!)
  • Crossfit 3-4 days a week
  • Sunless tan for the “after” photo

Story time: At the end of December, my husband and I enjoyed a vacation in Mexico - one of those all-inclusive resorts, where you can eat and drink to your heart’s content (or your stomach’s 😜). We arrived home a few pounds heavier and my husband told me that he wanted to “try RP again.” He had hardly finished telling me about the “RP Challenge,” and I was ready to go all in. You see, I’m competitive and supportive. It really was a team effort meal prepping and we kept each other accountable throughout the 12 week cut. I’m so blessed that Blair knows his way around a grill and a Big Green Egg. He’s also the best workout partner!

A little background info: Both of us had loosely followed one of the old templates and saw some results a few years ago. Honestly, I was (and still am) content with my body composition, so I didn’t fully commit to following the template that first time when we “tried RP.”

There was a time in my life when I was too skinny, but I’ll save that story for another day. Basically, I had worked hard over the years to put on some weight and muscle, so I was hesitant to try a diet. I was concerned that I’d lose all of my strength and feel weak during workouts. I love my body for its ability to lift heavy weights and perform fun gymnastics skills. When I started CrossFit, I never imagined that I’d develop the balance to walk across the gym on my hands, coordination to perform ring muscle-ups or strength to clean & jerk 189 lbs. I am happy with these little milestone accomplishments, and enjoy Crossfit workouts because they are designed to challenge everyone regardless of fitness level.

So anyways, after delving into the science behind the diet, I was convinced that I could maintain muscle mass while getting leaner. This time, I followed the template as best as I could and trusted the process. Not only did I have noticeable results, but I have learned how to fuel my body better for workouts!

Thanks RP for giving me the knowledge and nutritional guidance to see the results of my time spent in the gym!

Now for maintenance phase and then massing!

P.S. I recently purchased the Renaissance Diet 2.0 audiobook and wish I had started listening to this sooner! We also have the Renaissance diet ebook. I highly recommend both of these and of course your diet templates!

Nick B.

Never did I think when I started this challenge I would end up where I did. I had two children under 2 years old (18 months and newborn) and a crazy work schedule that has me working 60 hours a week. So finding a workout schedule was nothing short of difficult. I had been out of the gym for some time and fell deep into "The Dad Bod" As the months and months past by and the weight gained, I fell deeper in the hole.

In October of 2018 I reached out to Jared Feather and asked if he was willing to train me as a good friend of mine had worked with him in the past and had amazing results. Jared was fully booked but told me to keep an eye out on the RP site and to stay in touch. Needless to say I reached out almost weekly to check in. I reached the weight of 197lbs in December and knew it was time to do something for the New Year. Then the magic email appeared, Jared had a few openings and I was next up on his wait list. After a month of healthy eating and some base line workouts to determine my MRV we began the RP Challenge for the New Year.

I started the RP challenge on Monday January 7th 2019. I worked 1-1 with Jared Feather on Diet and Training. The workout plans were designed around my crazy work and life schedule. I hit the gym 4 times a week and followed the custom workout plans and cut diet that Jared provided. Bi-weekly weight check ins, video's of lifts and constant communication with Jared was awesome. Jared ALWAYS responded to my questions, even the dumbest of questions. He was able to watch videos of my lifts, give instant feedback and corrections to form. Even through Jared run at the Arnold he was on point with emails and communication. I couldn't have asked for a better coach.

My final weight in was 170lbs - that was a total loss of 27lbs from 197lb.

This RP Challenge was tough to say the least, hence the word CHALLENGE. It wasn't suppose to be easy right. It pushed me beyond what I thought I could do. The diet was laid out perfectly and easy to follow along. Not to say it was easy to do, but the meal planning wasn't difficult. There were times where I wanted to cheat, but I didn't. I stayed the course, ate right and worked out as planned. Following the plan, the weight began to fall off. The first four weeks were the excitement period, the next four were grueling and sucked, the last 4 I really started to see all the change. Couldn't have done this without @Jared_Feather coaching, @Erin_Benekos support and @Robert_James1423 constant haggering throughout. I am now ready to continue this journey and take it to the next level.


Amy Martin

I used (and use) the Fat loss templates. Lost 10 pounds between December 31st & March 24th (totaling 23 pounds between 2 cuts). Went from 23.3% body fat to 16.5% per Dexa scan (on the second cut alone)

After being an avid CrossFitter for years, I was extremely frustrated that my body did not look like I felt it should. I had been Paleo for 7 years and considered myself healthy, but I was carrying around baby/nursing weight that would not come off. I decided to give RP a shot and bought the fat loss template. Ironically, I didn’t even take before pictures of my first cut, because there was no way it was going to work for me. I was “just a mom” not a body builder or super fit competitor.

I was wrong. This “mom” did her first cut and lost 13 pounds (back to pre pregnancy weight) made numerous PR’s and found myself again. My body fat was 23.3% at the end of that cut and I was amazed at how my body had changed.

I Spent 12 weeks on maintenance and then did a second cut December 31st - March 24th (still using the same fat loss template). During the 2nd cut, I went from 153lbs - 143lbs and down to 16.5% body fat, I also got my first (10!) muscle ups in the open! RP has changed my life. Sunday afternoons are for prepping, and I have no excuse. In a little under a year, I have lost 23 pounds and I have a 6 pack. I’m going to maintain for the summer, then plan to utilize the 1-1 coaching to mass this fall.

Never doubt yourself (or science). It takes some motivation, preparation and determination, but give it 12 weeks. It will change your life too.

Nick Gregory

I used a Fat Loss diet template. I started the RP challenge on 7 January, 2019. I lost 23 pounds of fat, going from 219 to 196. Luckily I have access to a BodPod here so I was able to keep track of my progress fairly well. Overall, I lost 4% body fat and still managed to gain 1.5 pounds of muscle. 

I was really frustrated in the dieting arena for a long time. I was training twice a day, and while that was going pretty well, I just didn’t feel like my nutrition was supporting my training goals. Initially, I was under-eating, had very few carbs in my diet and I wasn’t seeing the progress I wanted to. I was eating healthy foods but in the wrong proportions and with little or no timing. My RP template changed all that for me. The timing and breakdowns for each meal made it easy to see where I had gone wrong, and ultimately trusting and sticking to my template led to the results I wanted. Moreover, my template really helped me build better nutritional habits for the future. I not only feel like I look better, I feel better and my performance in the gym has sky-rocketed. That fatigue/hungry feeling is gone and I have plenty of energy when I’m training. If you’re stuck like I was, give RP a try. You won’t be sorry.

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