RP Transformation Contest - 1 Year Winners

Over 30 lbs lost in the course of a year using the RP diet templates and later our 1:1 diet coaching!

Carly Presakarchuk, from Edmonton, AB, Canada

How did you come to be a client of RP?

A year and a half ago I started consistently training with a weightlifting club and wanted to drop a weight class to become more competitive. I've always struggled with managing my weight and trying to become leaner. I stumbled across RP on Instagram, and after reading through the website I decided to bite the bullet and buy some templates to try it out.

RP Product or Service used:

Templates first, then 1:1 coaching (Chris MacDonald)


I used the templates from November 2015 to March 2016 (5 months) and have been on 1:1 coaching since March (about 8 months).

Can you give us an idea of the type of workouts you each do in the gym in a given week?

Olympic weightlifting 5 days a week, and a long walk on rest days. I've done 3 weightlifting competitions since starting RP, and I have provincials coming up in 2 weeks.


January 2016 I was 184 lbs, and December 2016 I was 149 lbs (as shown in pictures). When I first started RP on Nov 2, 2015 I was 196 lbs. I never measured body fat unfortunately.

Your favorite RP friendly meal while on the diet?

Spaghetti squash with marinara sauce and diced baked chicken. And huge salads to curb cravings.

If you've had a cheat meal after ending the diet, what did you have?

Crispy chicken sandwich, sweet potato fries and a beer.

What are your goals from here?

I am now at my goal weight - 69kg weight class. I want to maintain this weight while becoming stronger for the short term. At some point I was love to do a mass phase!

Any template advice for others?

Consistency is everything. Being hungry is part of the process. A cut is temporary, so commit and do it right. Reading the "Female Dieting Tips" article always helped put me in a good mindset.

Any other comments about the process / your progress?

I'm really happy with my progress on both the templates and 1:1.

1:1 has been great as I've progressed and it became harder to lose weight, as well as helping me out before and during competitions. I encourage any one who asks me about my diet to check out RP! Tracking and being precise with your diet takes out the guesswork and gets results.

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