RP Transformation Contest - 1 Year Winners

A difference of about 10kgs in total bodyweight in these pictures over the course of the last year!

Uchechi Esonu, from Seattle, WA

How did you come to be a client of RP?: 

A friend introduced me to the RP instagram account. After researching a number of different nutrition coaching programs, I was drawn to RP for the science behind their programming, qualified coaches, and how their clients (both template and 1:1) saw success regardless of age and activity type. I gave the women's diet book a read and that sealed the deal for me.

RP Product/Service used:

12 months 1:1 Coaching with Nick Shaw


Can you give us an idea of the type of workouts you do in the gym in a given week?

I'm an olympic weightlifter and rugby player. I typically train the olympic lifts (clean and jerks, snatches, squats, pulls, etc.) 4x a week and go to rugby practice twice a week, and have games once a week. When I'm out of season, I usually stick with my oly training 4x a week and use the RP Physique Templates for accessory training.


Starting Weight: 72.6kg

BF: Not sure, I did a bodpod the year before  when I was 80kg and was 25.2% body fat.

Ending Weight: I was 62.38kg at the AO in December (My lightest weight was 61.5 in September). Currently maintaining at 67kg.

BF: 17.7% as of December.

Your favorite RP friendly meal while on the diet?

Shredded chicken (salsa or buffalo), broccoli, cinnamon raisin bread, and peanut butter.

*There's also a holiday stuffing recipe floating around the RP recipe portal that is really great as well!

If you've had a cheat meal after ending the diet, what did you have?

Between cuts, I usually badger my friends into making crazy things with me. I think the best thing we've made was a cornbread cake that we frosted with mashed potatoes and gravy, that we topped with homemade fried chicken.

What are your goals from here?

Right now, my goals are to try and maintain/mass back up to 69kg, hit some prs, and hopefully qualify for nationals this June!

Any template advice for others?

Just do it. It’s hard but that doesn't mean you're not worth the time and the effort. Don't be afraid to ask friends or members of the RP community to help hold you accountable I definitely couldn't have done this without the support of my teammates and friends. But at the end of the day, you get what you put in. Do the work and the rest will follow.

P.S. Read their ebooks, they're so helpful and informative, and also entertaining.

Any other comments about the process / your progress?

I hit all of the athletic goals I set for myself in 2016:

-I won a Division 1 Women's Club Rugby Championship (during my second cut)

-Qualify for a national level meet (I lifted at U-25 Nationals and placed 3rd, and lifted at the American Open. I also qualified for Nationals as a 63kg)

-At Americans, I pr'd my clean and jerk for the first time since I was 80kg

My measurable goals may have been centered around athletic performance, but my ultimate goal was learning how to take care of myself. Thanks to RP, not only am I a better athlete at 25, than I was at 16; but I have developed a healthier lifestyle and a more positive relationship with my body.

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