RP's Commitments to Social Causes

Nick Shaw, CEO

RP, our highest priority is being able to deliver evidence-based practices to anybody who wants to achieve their health and fitness goals. 

This means we are committed to serving as diverse a population as we can. To help make sure this is a reality, RP is committed to promoting diversity within the fitness community.

How we’re taking action 

We believe being leaders in the fitness community requires us to take a proactive approach and lead by example. Which is why in the wake of the recent events throughout the US, we have made contributions to the following GoFundMe campaigns:

RP has also made a donation to a minority small business owner in the Chicago area that had his store ruined.

Working with our partners at USA Weightlifting, RP has made contributions to several scholarships dedicated to increasing diversity in the sport of weightlifting. To learn more about the scholarships available, please click on this link

We've also made contributions to The OUT Foundation, an organization focused on raising awareness, supporting, and developing more educational resources within the LGBTQ+ community.

Other noteworthy initiatives

After the devastating effects of COVID-19, RP has also contributed nearly $17,000 to Action Against Hunger. Thanks to one of our athletes' advice, we have also donated to GOODProjects.  

We have also been working with both our partners and athletes to determine where else we can make meaningful donations. Of course, if you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can further contribute, please reach out to us via info@rpstrength.com.


Nick Shaw, CEO
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