Reena Tenorio Testimonial

Here's a brief background on Reena Tenorio. She has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy while also competing in weightlifting and CrossFit. She reached out to us back in February of this year and we have had the privilege of using Nutritional Periodization to help her reach her goals. Nutritional Periodization is the planned sequencing of using dedicated weight gaining, weight cutting and weight stabilization phases to get the best long-term body composition changes. She has endured a diet to get very lean (the before/after speaks for itself) and she has gone through a weight gaining phase, which for a female can be incredibly difficult. She's now about 6 weeks out from the American Open and we're dieting her down another 2-3kgs while leaving a few weeks to spare before the competition to make sure she does not have to diet all the way into the competition.

Reena Before-After

Here's what Reena has to say about her time working with us:

"March 22: Week 1

I had no idea what to expect when I first contacted RP, and when I took the opportunity to represent them as an athlete, I have to admit I was a little skeptical. I've never followed a diet, much less used a food scale. I had a good idea of nutrition for performance, but writing an appropriate program for myself was something beyond my reach. Within a week of following the RP diet, I knew I had found something great! I was dropping weight and still gaining strength. Is this even possible?!

I've been training and competing in weight-class based sports for several years now; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu several years ago and weightlifting being the most recent. In the past, making weight for competition meant a fair amount of cutting. As a fighter, I dabbled in sauna workouts, eating like a bird for days a time, and trying wild dehydration until I was at competition weight. For my first three meets in the weightlifting world, I did even more ridiculous antics: spitting 1.5kg of water weight an hour before the meet, hyper-hydration methods, complete carb depleting... all of which were successful, but left me feeling awful and affecting my performance.

Nick Shaw took over my diet about 9 weeks out from a weightlifting meet. Long story short, I made weight EASILY, and was even able to eat full meals day of competition. What wicked magic is this guy doing to make this happen!? At this meet, I broke three State records and hit 2 new PR lifts at a bodyweight lighter than I have been in years. I was hooked! Since this meet, Nick has also helped me prepare for weigh-ins for USAW National Championships in July, which was once again an easy process.

October 15: Week 30

I am now on the tail end of a 14-week mass phase and transitioning to dropping back to competition weight. As a female, this was mentally difficult. I was a crazy woman and had a hard time accepting weight gain, but Nick’s guidance and expertise made putting on 7kgs much easier. I certainly could not have done it without him and I am very much confident in his ability to easily get me back to 53kg for upcoming meets. I truly, 100% trust in this program.

What makes Renaissance Periodization better than other programs? It’s individualized. It’s structured. It’s easy to follow. Diets are written by real athletes and real professionals. IT WORKS!!! The program comes customized towards meeting your goals, on a super organized spreadsheet (it certainly fits my OCD needs), with unrestricted contact with your diet specialist (best customer service of any company I have ever dealt with) and updates are based on weight progress that you send in weekly.

I can rant and rave about Renaissance Periodization, but you have to experience it yourself to really understand that these guys are the best in the business! Check out the transformation photos of their athletes and clients... the proof is in the pudding (pun intended)!

Thank you to Nick Shaw and Renaissance Periodization for your endless support!" - Reena Tenorio, DPT


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