Physique Training Templates 2.0

We're extremely excited to announce the new and improved RP Male Physique and Female Physique Templates 2.0!

Developed to ensure you benefit from the newest evidence in the science of muscle growth, investing in these templates will provide you with the following new, scientifically-based benefits:  

 1. Lower Initial Volumes

Update: The number of sets per exercise in the first week of training for the main hypertrophy phases has been substantially lowered for most cases.

Reasoning: The new set numbers reflect our current best estimates for average Minimum Effective Volumes (MEVs). We had initially thought MEVs would be higher, but new research on even experienced lifters shows hypertrophy with much lower volumes than we had previously programmed. Now you can begin your program with less work, but still grow muscle!

2. Expanded, Adaptable Ratings System

Update: Instead of a 3-point rating system (-1, 0, 1), a 5-point system has been integrated into the two main mesocycles of every template. The ratings system is a (-2, -1, 0, 1, 2) system.

Reasoning: By expanding the ratings breadth, the template can do two things better. First, it can autoregulate for chance events with more dramatic changes if needed. If you really hit a wall with volume, you can reduce volume very quickly with the new “2” ratings, which add or subtract two whole sets per exercise instead of just one. If the volumes are much too low to start, you can quickly add volumes and not have to wait too long to get into a productive volume amount for training. Secondly, the new ratings system, combined with the lower initial sets, can let users with large MEV-MRV windows to have fully productive training cycles. In other words, some people benefit from low volumes but can also train productively to super high volumes. With previous templates, they might get one or the other end of the range, but not both. With the new updates, they can get the full spectrum of volume benefits.

3. Smaller Intensity Increments

Update: The original templates moved up in weight by around 3% in weights used from week to week. The new templates move up only in 2% increments.

Reasoning: It’s been shown quite clearly in recent years that volume (number of sets performed) is the dominant factor in causing muscle growth, with intensity (weight lifted) important, but not as important as volume. To reflect this reality, we lowered the magnitude of intensity jumps from week to week so that you can progress more in volume than with the original templates; and thus get better growth!

4. Extended Mesocycle Length

Update: The main hypertrophy mesocycles of the new templates are now longer; up to two weeks longer than before. In other words, if you’re used to a 4 week accumulation phase and a 1 week deload with the templates, you might find either a 6:1 or a 5:1 paradigm with your new template.

Reasoning: Part of this change occurred because we noted that many individuals could sustain longer than 4 weeks of training without exceeding their maximum recovery abilities. But the decrease of initial volumes and the reduced intensity jumps from week to week will help users get all the way through the extra weeks without needing a deload. This extended time in hard training will allow for more muscle growth to occur!

5. Additional Mesocycles

Update: The Male Physique Templates have an added “Basic Hypertrophy” mesocycle.

Reasoning: By doing two basic hypertrophy mesocycles back to back, you get more muscle growth without having to immediately transition to metabolite training and the low volume phase that follows it. The Female Physique Templates have already had this feature, and now the male version has it as well. Combined with the elongated basic hypertrophy mesocycles, this brings the average length of the whole template to just over 20 weeks, which means you get more training bang for your buck than ever! And because you can re-use the template over multiple times, you’re getting a serious value with your purchase.

Should you upgrade if you have the older templates?

Honestly, you don’t have to. The older templates are super effective and time-tested. They work, and we know they work because thousands of users have benefited greatly from them. So if you already have a Male or Female Physique Template that you recently bought and are currently using, by all means, keep using it.

On the other hand, the new templates are definitely an improvement. So, if you’ve been using your older Male or Female Physique templates for a while or are considering buying a physique template for the first time... we definitely recommend the purchase!


Note: These templates are designed solely to enhance your training and have no diet component. For best physique results, pair them with our best-selling RP Diet Templates

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