Jill's RP transformation: 72lbs weight loss

3 years ago I was overweight, tired all the time, living on fast food, not exercising, and generally not happy with my body.  My doctor was concerned because I was obese, gaining weight, and showing signs of early diabetes.  I had tried all kinds of fad diets, which would work for a short time, but I couldn't sustain long-term.  

Jill before starting RP

I went on family vacation and couldn't even walk two blocks without sweating and needing to rest.  That was when I decided to change my life.  I came home from vacation, joined a local gym whose owner had read the RP diet book and suggested I take a look at RP.  I grimaced because it seemed like a lot of money for another diet that probably wouldn't even work for me.  I was desperate to change, so I took a chance and bought my first RP diet template

Boy, am I glad I did!  3 years, 72 pounds, and 6,570 meals later, I am still following RP.  I am no longer considered obese or at risk for diabetes.  I have more energy than my eighteen-year-old son!  I'm enjoying life, and, for the first time ever, I feel good wearing a bikini!

Why have I been successful with RP when nothing else worked?  RP certainly isn't a fad diet.  It's a way of healthy eating.  It's the only diet where I've heard people say "It's too much food!" while they are still losing weight. It's the only "diet" where they tell you to stop restricting after 12 weeks.  RP works because they understand the human body is not meant to restrict calories long-term.  RP advocates enjoying holiday meals with family and not feeling guilty.  They have built a huge support system for RP customers where they also educate us on the science behind the program. 

I don't have a "goal weight".  RP has helped me have a much healthier relationship with the scale so I don't focus on a number.  I have physical goals now, and, while I have accomplished a lot, my body is a work in progress.

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