Danielle PostPartum Transformation

My journey started about 6 months post-partum after my second baby. It was a month before my younger brother’s wedding, and I wanted to make a change. I saw my body in the mirror and really looked this time, while searching for a bridesmaid dress. I was honestly ok with my body for awhile, because I was so proud of the two beautiful babies it gave me. At this point, I decided I wanted to make a change. Maybe personal belief, but for so long I felt my body was going to be what it was after kids. Regardless, I used to love working out, and I also knew –my toaster strudel, hot pocket/mac n cheese lifestyle was not the best.

I didn’t make any changes before my brothers wedding, outside of trying Beach Body which didn’t last past 2 workouts. My journey at that point started mostly in the recognition that I wanted to make a change. 2 months later however, I joined College Station CrossFit. They had child care and I was ready to do workouts closer to what I had enjoyed before kids. The first month I had no physical changes or even scale changes, which would seem discouraging. It was slightly, but what I had noticed was more energy throughout the day with my kids, I was sleeping better, and the exercise was a great “emotional reset”/giving me more patience throughout the day. Eventually, I saw some changes on the scale which motivated me to try and count calories. At first I used My Fitness Pal. I lost more weight and I was happy with my initial results.

My sister in law used to talk a lot about trying RP. I didn’t know much, but after searching at all the incredible and inspiring results, I bought my first template. I quickly learned how little protein I was eating before or even variety in foods or vegetables. I also saw how much I could still eat as long as it was clean. As intimidating as meal prep/frequent meals also seemed, once it became a new habit –it was honestly just as simple as heating up my hot pocket before. I felt FAR better than just counting calories and honestly felt like I was eating more vs my hot pocket lunches. With RP came body composition changes, I was losing weight, still hitting PR’s, and I just felt better. With my kids being young, they were curious watching me and wanting to try all the foods which I loved. What I liked so much about RP, and why I have followed it over the course of 2 years, was that I felt like it was truly healthy eating. You can use it for maintenance, fat loss or muscle gain. That being said, I liked the example I was showing my kids with RP nutrition.

Throughout the past two years, I have worked to find my balance. Maybe it’s an excuse, but I’m a parent! In trying to set an example for my kids with my healthy nutrition through RP, I also wanted them to see me be ok with having “treats” when we go out. I have ice cream with them when we go, I’ll have a drink with family or friends, or enjoy food out at restaurants when we eat out. All this to say, it was so reassuring to find with RP, that you just have to consistent.

My training has also changed from predominantly CrossFit to strength training with the occasional short metcon as cardio-only to say I’ve had results with RP regardless my training preference. With this I’ve learned to not obsess about the scale. While it was a great measure during my initial weight loss, as composition changes happened the scale didn’t show changes I was looking to see. I use pictures to measure changes now, or strength gains in the gym which is (for me) more fun! Below is my picture comparing even similar weights. Between a move, vacation, an extra trip, and unpacking –my nutrition wasn’t my best, but mostly to nail in the point that consistency over perfection has helped me maintain my results.

My main goal was to be healthy, and with that comes clean eating to feel better, have better workouts, look better, but also indulge occasionally-and that came with RP for me.

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