9 Month Transformation Contest Winner Part 1

Lester Vopni, from Brandon Manitoba, Canada

How did you come to be a client of RP?

The owner/trainer of Embark Fitness 365 introduced a bunch of us to RP with the 2016 90 day gym challenge. As I recall, I was the only one looking to mass!

RP product/service used: 

Automated Diet Template Jan to April;

New Template for a second mass July to Oct.


Can you give us an idea of the type of workouts you do in the gym in a given week?

Strength & conditioning (including Olympic lifting) classes 3 to 4 times per week. And I usually do random stuff on my own once a week based on class experience. Also lots of mobility work, foam rolling, stretching etc in order to keep up to the mostly younger crowd at the gym. A huge shoutout to Carrie White for the quality programming and encouragement!

Stats, if known?

Started at a lean 152 and increased to 161 on my first cycle. Took a bit of a break, then started another mass and am now 165. Trying to maintain (or gain a bit) on the new base. Not sure about body fat %, maybe 10. I just know that most of my gain has been muscle.

Your favorite RP friendly meal while on the diet?

Definitely casein, with pb and frozen blueberries and raspberries. That's the kind of food preparation I like, just add water and stir.

If you've had a cheat meal after ending the diet, what did you have?

I never thought about a cheat meal being on a mass. For me, it is still a bit of a struggle to eat enough food day after day.

What are your goals from here?

My 2016 fitness goal was "160 lbs or more of solid muscle". Surpassed that in the first quarter. Not sure entirely where I'm going with all of this in the near term, but I am having a blast trying to figure that out.

Any diet advice for others?

It's very simple for someone massing - if you want to gain, eat more! And for the most part, sticking to good quality healthy food is the way to go.

Any other comments about the process / your progress?

It's only been one year and nine months since I joined a gym and started on this fitness craze. I was getting stronger initially, but getting my diet on point with RP in 2016 has made all the difference. The results and the acknowledgment of fitness and nutrition experts – it’s all crazy in the best possible way!!!

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