3 Month Transformation Challenge Winners

We are so excited to announce our 2016 RP 3-month Transformation Contest WINNERS!!

David and Kristin Hansen, parents to 6 y/o Ford and 3 y/o Brody, from Cherry Hill, NJ, used our auto diet fat loss templates to lose a combined 28.5 lbs during their 3 month cut.

David Hansen Before.After
Kristin Hansen Before.After

Get to know them here:


Age: 40
Height: 5'-9"
Starting Weight: 189 lbs
Ending Weight: 169 lbs
Starting Body Fat %: ??
Ending Body Fat %: 16.4%

Age: 36
Height: 5'-7"
Starting Weight: 174.4 lbs
Ending Weight: 165.9 lbs
Starting Body Fat %: ??
Ending Body Fat %: 23.9%

RP:  How did you come to be a client of RP?

Kristin: I had been playing around with trying to figure out my macros on my own and wasn't having any luck. A friend of mine introduced me to RP and we decided to do it together. In the meantime, she found out that she was expecting and therefore wouldn't be doing a cut with me. I asked my husband if he would like to give it a go and a few days later we bought templates.

RP:  Can you give us an idea of the type of workouts you each do in the gym in a given week?

We both Crossfit 4-6 times per week and followed "light days". In fact, we never even opened "moderate" or "hard" files... Sometimes it's better to not know what you're missing ;)

RP:  What was your favorite RP friendly meal while on the diet?

Dave: Kristin's version of RP chicken cheesesteak wrap. Chicken & fat free American cheese wrapped in lavash and baked in the oven. I used low sugar ketchup for dipping.  My other favorite (on the very few days I could have carbs at night) is chocolate casein pudding with cooked bananas & homemade oatmeal topped with fat free whipped cream.

Kristin: I usually made very simple meals. It's hard to pick a favorite but I really liked making homemade meat sauce with canned crushed tomatoes, ground beef, fresh basil & garlic (and some other spices) over shirataki noodles. I also loved my chicken wraps with seasoned chicken, Walden Farms blue cheese spread, jalapeño hot sauce, cherry tomatoes & spinach wrapped in lavash. Yum!!

RP:  If you've had a cheat meal after ending the diet, what did you have?

Dave: A cheesesteak with extra cheese and beer.

Kristin: I've had a couple of meals in which I didn't worry about my portion size, which I would consider a cheat even though what I was eating was still pretty healthy. My favorite was mussels marinara with lump crabmeat. Oh, and I have definitely stolen some of my kids french fries with ketchup.

RP:  What are your goals from here?

Dave: To maintain for a little while, and enjoy being able to move quickly through workouts, then focus on getting stronger.

Kristin: I'd like to begin another cut in about two weeks, but I may keep it to only about 6 weeks, when summer begins. I am thinking about doing the women's physique templates over the summer while on maintenance. My long term goal is to drop a little more fat and of course get stronger!

RP:  Any template advice that you can share with others?

  1. Make RP friendly meals that curb your cravings. For example, I love pizza so I would make my own version with cooked hot Italian poultry sausage and pizza sauce on lavash baked in the oven. Although it tastes delicious, it definitely is not pizza (no cheese) but it was close enough to satisfy the craving.
  1. Keep meals easy and simple.
  1. Have plenty of different seasonings handy.
  1. Finish your meal. Sometimes the post workout meal seemed like too much food, but there were a few days I didn't finish them and I noticed I was so much hungrier later. Now I always finish my meal even if I'm full and it carries me through to my next meal 90% of the time.
  1. Don't go crazy over the scale- esp for women! My weight fluctuates so much it was almost pointless to weigh myself... But I still did every morning. Take lots of photos to compare yourself to.
  2. If you like to drink alcohol and you're going to a gathering where you might be tempted, stop and get yourself a large strong coffee with sugar free flavored syrup. At least you can get a caffeine buzz :)

RP:  Any other comments about the process or your progress that you’d like to share?

Honestly, I feel like our routine, and the fact that we had each other's support through the process, were big factors in our success. Fortunately, I work from home and Dave's schedule is flexible, so the majority of our meals were eaten at home, together. I did not food prep, instead I made every meal and Dave was able to be home for most of them. When he couldn't make it home, he knew a few things he could eat out that fit the template.

Doing the templates together brought us even closer. Eating meals with each other, having each other’s backs when we are tempted, and understanding each other when we are "hangry" are all bonding experiences.  Not to mention halfway through we did a couples CrossFit competition, and if you've ever competed with your partner, you know how close it can bring you.

RP has changed our life. Friends and family keep asking us what we are going to do (in regards to eating) now that our diet is over. I try to explain that it isn't over, that it is a process, and we are just in a different cycle right now.

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