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Kindle & Print Available




  1. 50 high-protein vegan recipes organized to fit your RP Diet.

  2. Flexibility to tweak recipes based on your ingredients preferences and macro requirements.

  3. Vegan ingredients guide to help you find what you need to create your meals.

  4. Kitchen equipment guide to help you find what you need and where (also includes special RP discounts for your purchase).


Who is this cookbook intended for?

RP Vegan was written in response to numerous requests we’ve received from vegan clients over the years – to provide ideas for RP-friendly high protein vegan recipes. Although this is a 100% vegan cookbook, non-vegans can still get excited about it – either to try vegan proteins they haven’t previously tried, or by subbing in animal proteins and making the recipes non-vegan, but to experience new flavor and/or ingredient combos!

I had a blast writing this cookbook, as I got to experience some vegan proteins I had never tried before, and that I have found to be easily incorporated in recipes, and without any strong flavor to have to counterbalance. Many vegan proteins are a blank flavor canvas – a cook’s dream!

Is this ecookbook made up of only vegan recipes? Are the recipes easily incorporated with my RP template?

Be sure to check out the TOC pictured – along with 2 sample recipes. RP Vegan is a high vegan protein themed ecookbook – so you won’t find any animal proteins, dairy or any other non-vegan ingredients in here. You also won’t find recipes for just veggies, just fats, just carbs, etc.  The focus for each and every recipe (except the brownies, but come on….cut me some slack – they’re just SO GOOD, it’s 100% worth it to just drink a protein shake with it!) is to provide high vegan protein options. You will find recipes for every type of high vegan protein meal - from smoothies to frozen treats, air fryer foods, one skillet meals, pizzas, faux “burgers” and more!

Do the recipes contain high carbs and fat?

I based portion sizes as if I were following the macros prescribed in the RP vegan cut templates at my weight. There are recipes in RP Vegan suitable for me on Base, Cut 1, Cut 2 and yes, even Cut 3, so it really does cover a wide range. 

I also provide ideas on how to reduce fat and carbs where possible.

What types of ingredients are used in the recipes? Is it mostly soy?

The vegan protein sources I use in RP Vegan are tofu, tempeh, seitan, soy curls, TVP, protein powders and pre-made protein shakes, edamame pasta, nutritional yeast and all kinds of store-bought faux meats. I did not base any recipes on beans, quinoa, soba noodles, amaranth or buckwheat as a protein source.

Do you use only the ingredients listed at the top of the vegan templates?

No. If you are a purist, and don’t like straying from the list at the top of your template, you should know that I do stray from the strict RP list in this cookbook.  Some recipes use beet sugar, I use hoisin sauce in a few recipes, I fell in love with phyllo dough, so you’ll see that quite a bit, I use lots of vegan cheeses, etc. 

Note: During maintenance and mass phases, our recommendation is to actually stray from the template foods for life balance

Are these all-new recipes?

RP Vegan is made up of 50 really exciting vegan recipes not found among the 350 recipes from the previous 5 RP cookbooks, The Renaissance Kitchen, The Renaissance Feast, Something Sweet, Big Flavor Zero Fat and Let’s Party. A couple of recipes may be variations of ones I demo’d on my RP YouTube cooking show.

Do any of the recipes include enough protein to potentially serve as a complete meal option?

Yes, I aimed for 25 grams of protein per recipe.  As vegans already know, with vegan proteins, it can sometimes be tough to hit the protein level you need without blowing fat or carbs completely out of the water.  Some of the recipes came in at slightly less than the goal, with the thinking that you could always make up the protein difference in an earlier or later meal, or simply drink part of a low fat, low carb protein shake to fill in the gap.

I heard there is a new format for this cookbook. I have the others – can you tell me how the RP Vegan format differs from your prior cookbooks?

See the sample recipes provided. The pictures on each page are much larger than in the previous cookbooks.  This meant we lost some real estate, and we elected to take out the blank space that we had previously provided.  Based on an IG poll we did during drafting of the cookbook, the overwhelming response was that folks didn’t use that big empty space, and would rather have larger pictures.  We’re really excited to give you this new format and hope you love it as much as we do!

Can I get a paper copy?

Yes! You can find it here

Please note:  We typically only offer printed cookbooks when the total number of recipes is at least 100 – just because less than 100 makes for a pretty flimsy spiral bound book.  However, we really wanted to be able to provide a printed cookbook in this case, so we elected to make the book 100 pages by making the food pics for each recipe take up one whole page, AND by reducing the physical size of the book to 6”x9”.

The price of the 6”x9” printed RP Vegan cookbook via our on demand printer is $26.00.  The 100-recipe printed books sell for $37.00.  We’re not doing this with any conniving in mind; printing costs are very expensive, but we just didn’t want to deny anyone the opportunity to get this vegan cookbook printed by our on-demand printer if they really wanted it, and elected to pay the associated premium to do so.   

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds on our eBooks. All sales are final.

How / when will I receive my product?

All digital RP products can now be downloaded at the time of purchase, we no longer email them to you.

Confirmation emails are sent out shortly after your order is completed. Please be sure to check your spam, promotions, or updates folder as sometimes our emails are sent there.

Fun fact: You can re-download any product you've previously purchased from the Downloads page of your RP account portal (accessible once you log into your account).

Where can I find more vegan (and other) RP recipes?

In addition to our 5 other RP cookbooks sold on the RP website, for a bunch more exciting RP recipes, check out RP Cooking on our Youtube channel!  

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