Trusting the Process

As Renaissance Periodization continues to grow, our consultants and automated products help more and more people get the body composition and performance results they’ve been after. As with most well designed plans, those who follow them closely usually reap the highest benefits, and those who err often don’t see nearly the same magnitude of results.

So many people have had success with following the plans made by Renaissance and its team that a commonly stated phrase in our Facebook clients group has become “trust the process” or “trust the science.” And these folks are absolutely right about the implications… if you put your full efforts into the plan, you’ll be nearly assured success.

However, we’d like to point out a small but significant feature of our company approach that in many ways sets us apart from much of the field. With RP, you CAN trust the process, but YOU DON’T HAVE TO. If you’re ok with just assuming we know what we’re doing and that we have very good reasons for all of our approaches and suggestions, that’s absolutely fine, cause the good news is that we do. We’ve taken care of the science and the application comes down to your consistency and willpower.  But if you’re curious about a feature of our diet or training plans, we’ll NEVER ask you to “trust the process.”

We’ll do you one better. We’ll explain to you exactly WHY we recommend you do what we advise. After all, we don’t just pick things at random. We don’t have gurus and we don’t have any big secrets. All of our approaches are derived from either science, hard-won experience, or both. If you want to know why a certain piece of advice is being given, no problem. We’ve got the answers. You can start with our ebooks. The Renaissance Diet explains the basics and particulars of the scientific dieting approach we use. The Scientific Principles of Strength Training explains the principles that guide the design of most of our training programs. Renaissance Woman provides insight on long-term dieting structure and the reasoning behind it, especially for female clients. Whatever we recommend that we have not ourselves written, we can refer to you to the books in which it’s found. If the books are not enough, we can send you the dozens of articles we’ve written on both diet and training. More particular questions can be asked in the RP Clients Facebook group, and if the other clients can’t clear it up, one of our expert consultants will. If you hire one of those expert consultants to personally coach you, they’ll provide you all the justifications and explanations you ask for, often with direct quotes from the books or custom explanations so that you can understand WHY we’re asking you to do what we are.


Pickup one of our ebooks (or get all 3 with the bundle option) and you can learn all the science behind the methodology at RP

Trust is great, and we’re glad to have yours. But blind faith is no good, and we’re not interested in that at RP. If you are curious as to why we do something the way we do it, or even skeptical… ask. We’ll refer you to some of the readings above or answer your question directly if you're a coaching client.

We’ve got the answers about why we do what we do… that’s what makes RP different, with no blind faith required.

-Dr. Mike Israetel

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