A Review of SteadyMD: Concierge Doctor Service

Back in 2016, I had a less than stellar trip to the doctor.  Despite telling the Medical Health professionals all about my diet, training, and supplements (and my occupation), when I received my feedback a week later the response was basically a regurgitation of what I had already told them.

Luckily, one of my friends on Facebook had mentioned SteadyMD and that Dr. Spencer Nadolsky would be accepting new patients through SteadyMD.

I've been partnered-up with Dr. Spencer Nadolsky of SteadyMD since February 2017.  One full year as of this writing.

Dr. Spencer is now my personal doctor, online, and I have almost instant access to him just about whenever I need to ask questions or get further insight.  A doctor that understands the fitness lifestyle vs being told the same 2-3 things each year when I get my annual physical.

First, I had a long video call with Dr. Spencer.  SteadyMD uses Zoom for the video call, but it works just like Skype.  You can see Dr. Spencer, he can see you.  He spends some time telling you about the service and how it works.  Then he asks a lot of questions about your medical history, your family, your diet, and your exercise habits.  It's quite a "unique" experience actually being able to have a real conversation with a doctor vs 5-10 minutes max in their office (the longest such conversation I've ever had in my life).  And especially cool considering Dr. Spencer is very passionate about fitness and nutrition - we have a lot in common.

After that, Dr. Spencer has been available to me anytime via the SteadyMD app.  While I can have another video call with Dr. Spencer anytime, it turns out that text chat is usually most convenient.  I just message Dr. Spencer whenever something comes up.  If I'm sick or if I have a question about something or wants to work on a specific aspect of my health.

Dr. Spencer has the capability to prescribe medication as needed as well.  It's super simple, I can just show up at my local pharmacy and it's waiting for me.

The total cost is $79 to $99 per month, depending on the doctor that you choose.  That payment goes directly to SteadyMD and its doctors.  They don't take insurance, and because of that, there are no co-pays or any other fees to worry about.  Prescriptions, in-person visits to specialists, etc., would go through your insurance as always.

Also, SteadyMD is offering a discount if you pay in advance for the year ($100 dollars as of this writing).

Bottom Line: Highly recommended!  Excellent service.  Not easy to find a doctor who is available AND understands fitness/nutrition.  Super convenient.

For more info visit SteadyMD.com/rp

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