The Hypertrophy Training Guide Central Hub

If you’ve read our Scientific Principles of Hypertrophy Training book, then you’re already one step ahead of the game in terms of understanding the theoretical underpinnings of proper resistance training. And while that book is geared towards strength development (a hypertrophy book is going to occur down the line!), the principles apply greatly to hypertrophy training as well.

But aside from just the principles, a practical guide can be quite useful. YES, you can use just the principles to build your own programs to gain muscle size, but some real-world advice on what those programs can look like can be a huge help in starting to construct your own.

The link between principles and practice is precisely why we made the hypertrophy training guides. Muscle group by muscle group, these guides help you determine the intensity, volume, frequency, and kinds of exercises (as well as video instructions on how to perform them) that are likely to serve as the foundations of your muscle-building programs.

Below are the guides, linked here for easy access, and designed for your success.

But, before you dig into the individual muscle training guides, please have a look at the Training Volume Landmarks article so that you can make more sense of the volume recommendations given by the individual guides. 

  1. Back
  2. Abs
  3. Traps
  4. Triceps
  5. Forearms
  6. Calves
  7. Front Delts
  8. Glutes
  9. Chest
  10. Biceps
  11. Quads
  12. Hamstrings
  13. Side Delts
  14. Rear Delts

Please enjoy these articles, feel free to share them, and best of luck in your muscle gain journey!

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