Diana Li transformation

I’ve known about RP for a few years, but never committed to pulling the trigger. I had been counting macros and eating IIFYM style for the past 5 years, and also trained for powerlifting. My main goal at the time was to stay within my competitive weight range, while maintaining a balanced relationship with food.

However, in Spring 2017 I received a dexa scan and realized that I had 30% body fat. I was mortified. Everyone I know views me as the girl who’s addicted to the gym. To have 30% body fat on a 5’3 frame puts me at borderline of obesity. I decided to try losing weight on my own. My weight was approximately 129lb and I set a modest goal to reduce it down to 125lb. After a year and a half with no progression, I decided to turn to RP.

I started RP about a month after the included picture. Before starting, I didn’t realize the program is 12 week commitment, and I only could do 9 weeks due to preplanned travels. Being a vegan, I ate a lot of beans, legumes, quinoa - food sources with high carbs – so it definitely took some adjusting to get used to eating less. That being said, I was never hungry and always satisfied. During the cut, my weight barely budged and it wasn’t until the end when it started dipping. However, I noticed my body composition began changing, and I wondered what the results of a 12 week cut would be.

After travelling for 2 months and not tracking any food, my weight stayed around the same as post cut weight. It was then that I decided to run a full cut. This time felt much harder because I decided to count net carbs. My weight jumped to 127lb from 125lb and remained there for the majority of the second cut. It was quite frustrating and I almost wanted to give up, but I’m no quitter. It wasn’t until the last few weeks where the weight actually started to drop. One day I looked into the mirror and saw what appeared to be baby abs. After the cut, I was finally comfortable enough to get a follow-up dexa scan. The scan result was 27.9%. While the result wasn’t jaw dropping, there was one aspect that drew my attention. Out of the 4lbs total that I lost, 3.1lbs were from my stomach region, which equated to approximately 1.5 inches around my waist. That’s when I really saw the magic of RP.

After the cut, I have been on RP maintenance for around 2 months, and my weight has been at a stable 125lb. My only regret was not starting RP sooner, but I’m happy to have learned how to eat properly, keeping my strength, building muscle, all while losing fat. With the knowledge I’ve gained from RP, I have the confidence necessary in my nutrition going forward.

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