Contest Prep - The Calm Before the Storm

Hey everybody,

I'll be blogging a bit about my contest prep coming up that starts in about 3 weeks. My goal is to compete in two shows this April, one being the NY Metropolitan bodybuilding show on April 4th and another show in New Jersey the week  after  most likely (waiting to hear the final dates for the 2015 season).

Here's a rough breakdown of my current diet (this varies each week as my carb intake goes up as my volume goes up each week of the training mesocycle).

Protein - 235g on training days - 220g on rest days

Carbs - 320g on training days - less than 50g on rest days

Fats - 135g on training days - about double that on rest days

This all totals out to somewhere around 3300-3400 calories per day on training days and about 3200 on rest days. I train 6x/week, with one rest day coming on Sunday.

My training is split into a push, legs, pull split and is repeated twice.

This means that my training split goes something like this:

Monday - push & arms/shoulders

Tuesday - legs

Wednesday - pull

Thursday - push & arms/shoulders

Friday - legs

Saturday - pull & arms/shoulders

Sunday - rest day/cardio

Each training block is broken up into 5 week mesocycles with increasing volume and intensity each week. The 5th week is typically a deload week. This contest prep will be about 13 weeks long. This means that there will be 2 full mesocycles and then the last part will just be super high volume training into the competition.

Here's where I am at conditioning wise about 3 weeks before I start to really turn things up a notch in terms of diet and cardio. Currently weighing anywhere from 235-240 lbs.

2014-12-03 16.09.05

2014-12-03 16.06.18


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