WL Hypertrophy Training Templates


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WL Hypertrophy Training Templates




  1. Easy-to-use spreadsheet that includes a 5-week training program customized to your training experience, weight class, and number of days you want to train.

  2. Auto-regulated to help ensure you’re training within your Maximum Recoverable Volume (MRV) and getting the most out of your training.

  3. Build up your weak points with options to choose your own exercises.

  4. Built-in deload ensures you are properly managing fatigue so that you can maximize your next training cycle.


What is the difference between the 'Weightlifting Hypertrophy Training Templates' and the 'Powerlifting Hypertrophy Training Templates'?

These templates are designed for those that compete in the sport of weightlifting (snatch, clean & jerk), or someone that wants to get better at those lifts. The powerlifting templates are designed for the sport of powerlifting (squat, bench, deadlift). They have similar themes (getting bigger, growing muscle, building work capacity, etc...) but are directed towards their respective sports.

Can I add in additional work to these hypertrophy templates?

These templates are recommend as a stand alone workout. Extra work for small muscles groups (shoulders, arms) is likely okay. Adding extra WOD's or other work will likely come at a trade off of getting better at weightlifting.

My goal is pure strength, should I get the weightlifting hypertrophy templates or the powerlifting hypertrophy templates?

These templates will improve size and strength, but they are directed towards improving the weightlifting movements (snatch, clean and jerk). If those lifts don’t interest you, then the powerlifting templates are your best bet.

How long do these programs last?

The current hypertrophy template is 5 weeks long (4 weeks accumulating, 1 week deload). This block can be repeated up to three times in a row for 15 total weeks of training, but it is not recommended to go any longer than that in a row. Strength and peaking templates (similar to the powerlifting sequence) are in the works.

What’s the difference in the 4x/ vs 5x/week program?

The five day program has more volume spread throughout the week. For example, the five day program has three days of squatting versus two days in the four day program.

How long will these workouts last?

From a beta tester: “I averaged 90 minutes per weekday session, closer to 2 hours on the weekend sessions. If you really focused and cut out all the chatter and kept time between lifts minimal, you might be able to shave a half hour of time off that tops, but your mileage may vary.”

How / when will I receive my product?

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Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds on our templates or eBooks. All sales are final. No exceptions. 

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