Camaleon CMS is a free and open-source tool and a fexible content management system (CMS) based on Ruby on Rails 4 and MySQL. 

With Camaleon you can do the following:

  • Create instantly a lot of sites in the same installation
  • Manage your content information in several languages
  • Extend current functionality by plugins (MVC structure and no more echo or prints anywhere)
  • Create or install different themes for each site
  • Create your own structure without coding anything (adapt Camaleon as you want and not you for Camaleon)
  • Create your store and start to sell your products using our plugins
  • Avoid web attacks
  • Compare the speed and enjoy the speed of your new Camaleon site
  • Customize or create your themes for mobile support
  • Support more visitors at the same time
  • Manage your information with a panel like wordpress 
  • All urls are oriented for SEO
  • Multiples roles of users