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Time to Eat! - RP ECOOKBOOK




  1. 50 brand new RP friendly recipes (check out the Table of Contents image to see a list of all recipes and how they are organized), with bar codes for scanning into the RP Diet Coach app.

  2. For the first time, this cookbook shows ingredient measurements in both English measurements (Cups, tsp, etc) and the metric equivalents (weights in grams or kg).

  3. Detailed ingredient and equipment guide (with RP discount codes, for certain items) to introduce you to exciting items you may not be familiar with.

  4. As with all of our cookbooks, the recipes show macros by ingredient, and for the recipe as a whole.


Who is this cookbook intended for?

Anyone looking for tasty, healthy recipes!

Do I need to purchase a bunch of weird ingredients in order to make the recipes?

I use ingredients that have become staples in my house. While I use lots of common ingredients like dried spices, broths, lean proteins, veggies, fruits, etc., I consider it part of my job to introduce you to less common healthy ingredients that are super functional, tasty and macro friendly. I recognize that not everyone may be super familiar with items like avocado oil mayo or edamame pasta, so I have included a guide explaining why I love these, and other items you may not be familiar with, and where to find them if you’d like to give them a try. That being said, there is no requirement to purchase special ingredients or equipment to use this book. Substitutions (like Greek yogurt for the avocado oil mayo, and other types of noodles for the edamame pasta) and work arounds are always available!


Do I have to use the RP Diet Coach app to use the recipes?

Nope. The recipes are included in their entirety in this cookbook as with the 6 cookbooks that came before it. You can use the recipes as you would from any other cookbook.

The exciting update here is that this cookbook has QR codes so that if you are using the RP Diet Coach app, you can now scan in a recipe that you’ve made from the book and adjust the slider to equal the portion you are including in your meal.

Are there are any vegan recipes in the book?

If you’re looking for vegan protein recipes, I recommend the 50-recipe RP Vegan cookbook.  This cookbook does include many recipes that are, or could easily be made vegan, but are not primarily vegan protein based.


What are the ingredient macros like for the recipe portions as presented in the book?

The aim was to present the recipes so that a “portion” is around 20g of protein, for the protein-centric recipes, 20g-25g for the carb-centric recipes, and 10g fat for recipes with intentional healthy fat amounts. We feel that these macros are a good baseline for the majority of RP clients. You can obviously scale up or down from there, based on your needs; the above is the baseline recipe “portion” range, as designed for the app.

You can also make ingredient substitutions to lower or raise macros, but material deviations from the macros presented will mean you won’t be able to scan accurate macros for that altered recipe into the app.

Are these all-new recipes?

Yes! There are 50 brand new recipes in this book, PLUS a bonus re-print of our most popular recipe of all time – the RP Turkey Enchiladas, from The Renaissance Kitchen, now with updated macros for every ingredient, and a QR code so that you can scan a portion into the RP Diet Coach app!!


Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds on our eBooks. All sales are final.

How / when will I receive my product?

All digital RP products can now be downloaded at the time of purchase, we no longer email them to you.

Confirmation emails are sent out shortly after your order is completed. Please be sure to check your spam, promotions, or updates folder as sometimes our emails are sent there.

Fun fact: You can re-download any product you've previously purchased from the Downloads page of your RP account portal (accessible once you log into your account).

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