Sam Okunola | IPE Pro, WNBF Pro
Specialties: Bodybuilding, Contest Prep

Sam Okunola is fitness enthusiast. Since his time in the Army 16 years ago, he has always had a drive and desire to push the limits of what his body can do. In 2009, he decided to test those limits and started weightlifting more and more in order to compete in his first bodybuilding show. The rest is history: since then he's competed multiple times, won his pro-card as a natural professional bodybuilder, and competed and won many pro shows, including a world title in 2017. His passion for bodybuilding runs deep, but the core of that passion isn’t for the sport of bodybuilding itself. What continues to drive Sam is the notion that, if he puts in the work, showing up day after day, his body will go to work for him, no matter the sport. While living in a body that is well taken care of is beneficial, living in a mind without limits is priceless. Over the last 10 years, Sam is very grateful to have helped others become the strongest versions of themselves through scientific and sustainable strategies... and hopes he can do the same for you! 


Education / Credentials

  • NASM/ACE certified
  • Cellucor / XTEND sponsored athlete and content creator
  • Muscle & Fitness Published Athlete 

Competitive History

  • IPE and WNBF Pro Natural Bodybuilder
  • 2017 IPE World Champion (Open)
  • 8 Natural Bodybuilding Overall Winner (Open)
  • 2019 NPC Midwest Championship Overall Winner (Classic division)