Diets, Sport Nutrition, Physiology, Endurance

Nick Harden | PhD

  • PhD - Sports Physiology and Performance (2022)
  • Sport Nutrition Graduate Certificate (2022)
  • MS - Exercise Science (2019)
  • BS - Exercise Science (2017)
Additional Experience:
  • ETSU Powerlifting Head Coach, 2020-2022
  • ETSU Powerlifting Assistant Coach, 2019-2020
  • Excelerate Sport Assistant Coach, 2017-2019
  • UCM Personal Training, 2017-2018
  • UCM Scientific Training Association Vice President, 2014-2016
About me
  • I currently serve my clients from Austin, Texas. Beyond working out, I'm an avid reader, I enjoy working with people, and love opportunities to teach and/or learn. 

Why did you start coaching? 

  • I understand the pain of stagnating gym performance and unyielding scales, no matter how hard you try. But I also know the joy and freedom that comes with learning how to overcome these barriers! So, I started coaching to help folks like you, who have no doubt spent countless hours researching and trying different methods, learn how to do it the correct and sustainable way, helping you fix the issue short term and maintaining it for the long term.

What is your coaching style?

  • My clients will experience a coaching style grounded in compassion, encouragement, and accountability. My primary goal is to provide you with initial structure and guidance, gradually fostering your independence in managing your training and diet to the point where you become self-sufficient, turning your fitness journey into a lifelong commitment that goes beyond our time together.

What kind of clients do you work with?

  • If your goals align with strength, hypertrophy, and/or nutrition, you are the client I am looking forward to serving. Regardless of your current fitness level or experience, I’m here to guide you. As your coach, I am committed to supporting your journey to become strong, muscular, and lean, adapting my expertise to fit your unique needs and ambitions.

What is your favorite part of coaching?

  • What I find most rewarding in coaching is the transformation that you will experience. As we work together, I will guide you from feelings of confusion and stress about training and nutrition, to confidence and independence. I will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for you to manage your fitness journey successfully on your own. Your success, independence, and self-sufficiency are the ultimate measures of our journey together.