Diets, Training, Combat Sports

Mike Shea | BS, RD

Mike is a registered dietitian who specializes in combat sports and body composition goals. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from Cal Poly Pomona and became a board certified Registered Dietitian in 2022. He has an immense passion for health and fitness and has experience in supporting athletes’ nutrition in various sports, combat sports, powerlifting and anyone with body composition goals and a commitment to implement new, sustainable habits. 

Mike prides himself in providing evidence based nutrition and training information to his clients to successfully help them towards their goals. Whether you’re seeking to have consistency and accountability in your life to reach your goals or you are an athlete desiring to optimize your performance through nutrition, Mike has proven experience and a compassionate approach to creating long-lasting results. 

Education and Credentials

  • RD | Commission on Dietetic Registration (2022)
  • BS | Nutrition emphasis in Dietetics from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. 

Additional Experience 

  • Extensive knowledge in making weight and refueling/reloading post weigh-ins
  • Successfully helping athletes make weight for promotions such as LFA, TitanFC, IBJJF, Fight 2 Win, USAPL, and USPA

About me

Living in Fort Collins, Colorado. I’m married with a beautiful daughter, Emilia, with another girl on the way (2023), our dog Cleo (pit mix), and a few cats my wife likes to collect. I have been active for most of my life, but didn’t go all-in on my athletic performance until my late twenties. I competed in powerlifting for several years, have trained hypertrophy style training, and more recently I have been consistently competing in Jiu Jitsu for the past 3 years. Outside of training, I enjoy hanging out with my wife and daughter, going to breweries, getting outside, and taking care of my turf (lawn). 

Why did you start coaching?

I started coaching because I saw the profound impact nutrition had on my training and confidence in my body. At the peak of my powerlifting “career” I was 30# bigger than I am today. I was introduced to RP, dieted, and saw the impact it had on me (both mentally and related to my everyday physical performance). I then decided to go back to school to become a dietitian to help others!

What is your coaching style?

My coaching style is a collaborative approach. I don’t want my athletes to feel like I am a dictator. I like to include my clients in every decision to enhance their knowledge and their likelihood of success. I encourage athletes to ask questions as much as possible so that they can take the knowledge to help themselves well past our time working together. Every question asked is a step toward a sustainable approach, and that’s something very important to me — that every person I work with gain the confidence to implement and incorporate their learnings seamlessly into their lifestyle.

What kind of athletes do you work with?

I really enjoy and specialize in working with combat sport athletes, athletes in general, and those who have body composition goals. To speak more about combat sports, the puzzle, that is making weight and improving performance is something that fascinates me and that I have ample experience in helping combat sport athletes safely and effectively achieve. 

What type of client would best fit to work with you?

Competitive/recreational athletes and folks who have body composition goals (fat loss/muscle gain) that want an encouraging and responsive coach. For resistance training purposes, I program for hypertrophy utilizing typical commercial gym equipment.