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Daniel Wirt | MS

Danny is a Ph.D. student studying the dynamics of exercise as it relates to health and human performance. He’s taught several exercise and sport science courses at various universities along with helping to conduct exercise research at an ivy league institution. Danny has worked in a commercial gym setting helping to promote weight loss and educate clients, to facilitate long-term change. This was done while also coaching national-level powerlifting competitors. Coaching and handling at events like the Arnold Sports Festival and USAPL raw nationals. Personal interests include hiking, research, competing in powerlifting, and maximizing recovery with naps with his dog.



  • B.S. In Exercise and Sport Science
  • M.S. In Exercise and Sport Science
  • PH.D. Student in Health and Human Performance


Professional Career:

  • Instructor at Appalachian State University
  • Instructor at Temple University
  • Clinical research coordinator at University of Pennsylvania


Competitive History

  • 2x bodyweight bench press in 83kg class
  • Best competition lifts: 496-pound squat, 353-pound bench, 507-pound deadlift


Additional Career Background:

  • Coached both recreationally and nationally competitive powerlifting athletes
  • Worked as a coaching intern under Dr. Mike Israetel
  • Lead Personal trainer at commercial gym setting

About me - I am 26 years old and live in Philadelphia, PA. Currently married to my better half and while we don’t have kids, we have a dog that is just as important to us! I am always happy to share photos. Outside of training I genuinely enjoy spending time with my dog Finn, hiking, playing a game of chess or two, and playing pickup soccer games. 

Why did you start coaching? I started coaching because I find genuine joy in the personal relationship you build with a client and find that it can be fundamental in changing the life of the client. The relationship not only can be instrumental in helping a client to succeed in their goal but succeed long term by providing the tools they need.

What is your coaching style? I am generally super hands-on and promote the importance of communication. I generally communicate and reach out a minimum of 4 times a week to keep up with my clients and make sure I am helping to facilitate an atmosphere that is conducive of being inquisitive and communicative.

What kinds of clients do you work with?  I have a long history of working with powerlifting competitors and individuals looking to improve body composition (i.e. Building muscle and losing body fat).

What is your favorite part of coaching? Playing a role in being able to build relationships with clients that can help to promote the change they’re looking for. Being a part of that change both while working together and in the long term is incredibly rewarding.  

What type of client would be the best fit to work with you? Someone who is a student and is committed to their goal, adamant about implementing changes to work towards their goal, and equally isn’t afraid to ask questions and learn.