The RP Diet For Endurance - EBOOK

Kindle Available


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The RP Diet For Endurance - EBOOK

Kindle Available




  1. Comprehensive guide on nutrition and supplementation for endurance performance - from essentials for beginner to ultra-distance fueling and hydration plans for the advanced athlete. 50 pages in total.

  2. Simple formulas to help calculate your daily carbohydrate needs.

  3. Endurance nutrition topics from logistics and macronutrients needs analysis to caffeine and beverage composition to maximize your performance.

  4. Step-by-step example for fueling, hydration, and supplementation with customization guidelines for your personal preferences.


Who is this book for?

Runners, Swimmers, those who train for the sport of fitness, or anyone practicing any sport with an endurance component. This short read has everything you need to know about fueling, hydrating and managing electrolytes for unprecedented performance and recovery.  

How does this one differ from The RP Diet 2.0?

This book was written with the specific nutritional needs of endurance performance in mind, as these differ from recommendations for other athletes. In addition, this book takes a deep dive into the unique training and competition nutrition recommendations for improving endurance performance.  Details of programming hydration, caffeine, and electrolytes to race your fastest and recover your best are also outlined. After reading this guide, you should be able to program intake for maximal performance on any endurance race, from short runs to ultra-marathons to track cycling, swimming, and triathlons.

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