At RP, we get you Results. Period. 

Don't let your diet hold you back from your dream physique or new PRs.

You already train hard—now it's time to bring the same dedication to your diet.

Built by leading sports scientists and elite coaches, the RP Diet Coach app creates and guides you through a custom diet to help you:

  • Reach your fitness goals with the freedom of flexibility
  • Make the most of your workouts with proper nutrition—perform at your best and recover on time

Ready to let the most sophisticated meal planner and food tracker guide you toward results?

Easy as can be to use.

Incredibly thorough.

And probably the closest thing you could have to a nutrition coach right by your side.

— Knockings, RP Diet Coach app user

How does it work?

 The RP Diet Coach was built by our team of leading sports scientists, dietitians, and elite coaches to help you do one thing...

... to get you RESULTS.

Let us build you a custom diet and guide you from start to finish.

 1. Set your diet goal 

Just tell us a little bit about yourself, then choose your fitness goal and when you'd like to reach that goal, so we can tailor a diet just for you.

 2. Plan your meals 

Meal prep and enter your meals ahead of time or log your meals on the fly. We make it easy to plan your diet while being flexible for when "life happens."

 3. Reach your goals 

We're more than just a food tracker. We're here to guide you from start to finish and help you maintain your hard-earned results.

It's time to finally get results and keep them.

Ready to finally get results?

We help you maximize performance and recovery.

Training is an important part of reaching your fitness goals. But, if you want to maximize your performance you need to properly fuel your body.

The RP Diet Coach app will make sure you're at peak performance by building you a custom diet that takes into account your training schedule and training intensity.

Don't let suboptimal nutrition slow you down.

Never. Plateau. Again.

We understand that as your body changes, so does your metabolism. This is why the RP Diet Coach regularly reviews and adjusts your diet to make sure your progress never stalls.

No more worrying about exactly how much to increase or decrease your macros to progress further toward your goals.

During weekly check-ins, you can also decide to speed up or slow down your progress—so you can get the results you want, on your own terms.

Ready to stop second-guessing your diet?

Let the most advanced diet algorithm guide you to success.

We help you plan ahead and roll with the punches!

While tracking your food might make you more mindful of what you're eating, studies show that dieters who plan their meals have a greater likelihood of reaching their goals.

That's why the RP Diet Coach comes with an easy-to-use meal builder, designed to help meal prep while guiding you towards healthier food choices.

However, we know that life happens and sometimes it's hard to stay on track. Don't worry because we allow you to move macros between meals to give you the flexibility to deal with...

✔️ Date nights or hanging with friends
✔️ Last-minute meetings
✔️ Special occasions
✔️ Random ice cream cravings
✔️ ... and all the other times life throws you a curveball

... and still hit your fitness goals.

Ditch your calculators.
We count macros for you. 

With our easy-to-use meal-builder, just pick what foods you want to eat and the app will help you make them fit into your diet.

Even though we simplify the process of building meals, you can rest assured that our advanced algorithm (written by top experts) has calculated the optimum macros for each meal.

If your food doesn't fit your meal's macros, don't worry! We give you the freedom to easily move macros between meals for more flexibility.

Want to leave the (macro) math to us?

Diet without restrictions. 

Dieting doesn't have to be just "chicken, rice, and broccoli." While more filling options will help with hunger, it doesn't mean your favorite foods have to be off the menu.

We make recommendations, but ultimately let you choose your food. And we also let you move macros between meals to accommodate whatever you'd like.

With the RP Diet Coach, you can enjoy yourself from time to time while staying on track.

Ready to say "bye-bye" to restrictive diets?

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What people are saying about us... 

We're rated 4.5/5 stars with over 10,000 testimonials on Google Play and the App Store.
Want to know why over 8,000 users have given us five-star reviews? Here's what people are saying about the RP Diet Coach app.

Hands down best nutrition app ever.

Maybe I’m biased because I love all things RP. Or maybe I love all things RP because they are nothing but sound, evidence driven, research based organization comprised of a panel of experts, coaches, and phd’s who continually strive to not only educate, but also provide the public with services and material. This app is no different. Completely expert in every aspect. Easy as can be to use. Incredibly thorough. And probably the closest thing you could have to a nutrition coach right by your side. Absolutely incredible.

- Knockings

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This is an amazing app!

In the past, I've struggled using the RP Diet Templates. However, with this app, nutrition planning and tracking is so much easier! From cutting (weight loss), maintaining, and bulking (weight gain), this is an app you can use everyday for the rest of your life to achieve your goals. My first weight loss cycle (99 days) I lost 27 lbs and I'm currently on my maintenance cycle. I'm looking forward to achieving my ultimate fitness goals with the help of this app!

- Gary

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