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Ease In With 5lbs, Get Leaner & Stronger In 6 Weeks!

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We all know - or are! - someone who can benefit from some light weight training!

We also know that getting to the gym can be time-consuming, expensive or intimidating (it's ok to have no idea what half of those machines are for... and not to really want to!) Whether you're looking to get more trim, gain some definition, build stronger bones, just plain feel stronger and more energetic, look no further than RP Gym-FreeAll you need is a basic set of dumbbells, and the program super clear picture and video instructions will guide you through each exercise, rest days in between them and anything / everything else you need to know to dive in and start seeing awesome results!    

RP Gym-Free Features: 

  1. Developed by PhD-holding Sport Scientists so you can maximize your results and skip the fads   
  2. Ramps up slowly to gradually build your strength and stamina    
  3. Clear, photo and video instructions covering over 6 weeks of training (see next point)
  4. Puts you in charge of the number of days per week you'd like to work out, and the weights you feel comfortable using and the number of reps you feel comfortable doing!
  5. A reusable training program, allowing for months of modifications for growing exercise intensity to match your growing strength 
  6. A Progress Tracker form where you can record your reps and weights for each exercise combo and week. 
  7. A step-by-step orientation guide that walks you through exactly how to use the templates and how to get the most out of them
  8. A detailed FAQ that covers tons of start up questions
  9. Invitation to join our beginner Facebook group to ask questions, share with and get support from thousands of other users at a similar experience level to your own
  10. For best physique results, pair RP Gym-Free with our best-selling Simplified Diet Templates

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What equipment will I need to use RP Gym-Free (and where can I get it)?

A basic set of dumbbells, which can be purchased at a number of online stores or traditional retailers (see below). This program is designed to start with 5lb dumbbells for all exercises, and then go up to 12.5 (12 also fine) or 20lb dumbbells as your strength level (in respect to any given exercise) allows. Find them at these stores:

  • Amazon (make sure you order a pair, some sold as singles)
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Big 5 Sporting Goods
  • Your local sporting goods stores
To get your dumbbells even cheaper:
  • Play it Again Sports
  • Your local second hand sporting goods stores 
  • craigslist.org

What's the difference between and 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 day / week programs?

The program is designed to be effective for each of these training frequencies, however, the more days you work out per week, the faster you'll start to see results. So, it's a good idea to pick the highest frequency that you can realistically commit to, given your schedule. For example, if you're able to work out 3 days / week, don't settle for 2, so you can start to see and feel those results sooner!   

What is the purpose of this training program?

RP Gym-Free was created to help busy women and those brand new to resistance training learn good form and reap the many benefits of weightlifting. The detailed orientation and multiple how to videos make these templates our easiest to use program yet!

Will this program make me bulky?

Nope! Unless you are purposefully eating extra food in order to gain weight, it will be very hard to gain muscle or get bulky. Doing this training while losing or maintaining weight will result in a tighter, leaner looking body!

What are the benefits of resistance training?

Lifting weight increases bone density, helps prevent osteoporosis, develops the stronger muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones that keep your health, posture, resistance to injury, and physical independence into older age! As a bonus, it helps your body look tighter and firmer and it helps you lose more fat than cardio alone when dieting; who can argue with health benefits and aesthetic improvement?

Can I use RP Gym-Free in conjunction with other sports or training?

Yes! It can absolutely be added to sport training as a supplement. Just make sure you are staying aware of your body’s soreness level and recovery.

Can I use these when losing weight?

Absolutely! This program will help preserve muscle and increase the proportion of fat lost when dieting.