Fueling the Adolescent - EBOOK

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Fueling the Adolescent - EBOOK

Kindle Available




  1. Extensive guide for the parent, guardian, or coach to provide proper nutrition based on age, size, maturity, and stage of readiness. 156 pages in total.

  2. Techniques and strategies to effectively communicate the information to an adolescent.


What can I expect to learn?

In this book, you’ll learn, among other things:

  • How energy and nutrient needs are impacted by growth and puberty
  • How to navigate nutrition-related conversation and questions from the adolescent
  • How to foster a household of healthy eating
  • How to use several tools and strategies to potentially foster some change in your athlete’s eating habits
  • How to build a premium fuel plate and premium snack
  • How to fuel the adolescent athlete for specific types of workouts and sport practices and competition
  • How to navigate conversation related to sports nutrition supplements

Who is this book intended for?

The purpose of this book is to provide you, the parent, guardian, or coach – aka role model – with pertinent nutrition information about the adolescent based on age, size, maturity, and stage of readiness. No less important, it also aims to provide you with techniques and strategies for effectively communicating this information to an adolescent.

What age ranges does this book cover? 

This book discusses the needs of adolescents ages 10 – 18. We further break down this age group into three distinct categories:

  1. Early Adolescence: Pre-Puberty
  2. Middle Adolescences: During Puberty
  3. Late Adolescences: Post-Puberty

Does this book give exact meal plans for my kids? 

There are two samples days of eating within this book that are meant to serve as an example and not specific to your particular adolescence’s needs. You’ll learn how to craft a specific day of eating for your adolescent and also be provided with meal and snack ideas, and recipes, but not given specific information related to your adolescent.

My child is a picky eater. Is this book right for me?

Yes! Not only do we discuss strategies to specifically manage picky eaters – we’ve all been there – but you’ll further expand your education to best communicate with your adolescent and strategies to open his or her eyes to the wonders of new foods.

Do you offer refunds?

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