Fitness as Sport - EBOOK


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Fitness as Sport - EBOOK


$27.00 $14.00



  1. 213 pages, authored by Jacob Tsypkin
  2. Details the fitness characteristics most needed for high-level competitive fitness athletes
  3. Presents a periodization scheme for fitness sports athletes
  4. Offers a qualitative analysis of aspects of competition in fitness sport
  5. Describes the process of assessing and addressing an athlete’s individual needs
  6. Explores the strategy and tactics needed for success in fitness sport


What is this eBook about?

This eBook addresses concurrent development of strength, endurance, and a variety of technical skills that are paramount to success in sports like functional fitness and grid.

The ability to correctly assess an athlete’s needs and give them the proper proportions of capacities in their training program will separate effective coaches from the ineffective.

This eBook sets out to answer the questions of what are the most important qualities to success in multi-disciplinary fitness sport, how to best go about assessing an athlete’s needs, and concurrently developing their abilities.

Who is this eBook intended for?

This eBook is intended for those interested in getting better at sports that focus on fitness measures like functional fitness and grid.

Can I get a paper copy?

At this time, this eBook is only available in digital format (via a downloadable PDF file). 

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